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2015 Summer Tournaments

Please take a look at 2015 Summer Tournament Schedule (the link below) and plan accordingly.  Let us know if there are any issues with attending any of the tournaments.  We have average sized rosters so we rely on players to commit to all three tournaments.  It is important that you make your best effort to attend the tournament in Long Island it will be a major recruitment tournament for both teams.

The Long Island tournament is right at the end of the school year so please plan your travel and hotel accommodations accordingly. Unfortunately we will NOT be staying in dorms or busing the players down for this tournament.I cannot get the school to do that for us this season.

Please book your hotels for LILaxfest as soon as possible the hotels will fill up for this tournament quite fast.  This is the only tournament that will require a 2 day stay unless you decide to travel in the early morning hours to make it down to Farmingdale on time.

For the other two tournaments you can elect to book a hotel or travel both days. Your option.

2015 Summer Tournament Schedule for High School Teams


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