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2019 Legacy Invitational @ Devens, MA

The 2019 Legacy Invitational tournament will be held June 27th & 28th for the High School teams and June 29th & 30th for the Youth teams.  The schedules are posted on the website Tourney Machine.  Follow the links listed below for each team’s schedule. Tournament schedules are always subject to change so be sure to check back often.

2019 Legacy Invitational High School Tournament Website 

Seven Hills White Schedule (2020AA)

Seven Hills Green Schedule (2021A)

Seven Hills Black Schedule (2021A)

Seven Hills Blue Schedule (2022A)

2019 Legacy Youth Invitational Website

Seven Hill Grey Schedule (2023A)

Field Map

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June 21, 2019 · 10:38 am

Youth NEYAT @ Devens


The youth teams will be at Devens, MA this Saturday and Sunday.  The schedule for the NEYLAT Tournament is:

Seven Hills Black (2023)

Sat, 8:00 am, Field 8  vs. 3d Tri-State 2023

Sat, 11:40 am, Field 10  vs. Hudson Valley Express 2023

Sat, 1:30 pm, Field 9  vs. 3d NE South 2023

Sun, 8:00 am, Field 9 vs. NE Stars 2023/24

Sun, 9:50 pm, Field 9 vs. DS Renegade 2023

Seven Hills Grey (2021)

Sat, 8:55 am, Field 3  vs. 1X Lacrosse

Sat, 10:45 am, Field 2  vs. NE Stars 2021/22

Sat, 12:35 am, Field 1  vs. Hudson Valley Express 2021

Sun, 8:55 am, Field 7 vs. Wogue lacrosse

Sun, 10.45 pm, Field 6 vs. North Shore Storm

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July 13, 2017 · 9:23 am