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Youth NEYAT @ Devens


The youth teams will be at Devens, MA this Saturday and Sunday.  The schedule for the NEYLAT Tournament is:

Seven Hills Black (2023)

Sat, 8:00 am, Field 8  vs. 3d Tri-State 2023

Sat, 11:40 am, Field 10  vs. Hudson Valley Express 2023

Sat, 1:30 pm, Field 9  vs. 3d NE South 2023

Sun, 8:00 am, Field 9 vs. NE Stars 2023/24

Sun, 9:50 pm, Field 9 vs. DS Renegade 2023

Seven Hills Grey (2021)

Sat, 8:55 am, Field 3  vs. 1X Lacrosse

Sat, 10:45 am, Field 2  vs. NE Stars 2021/22

Sat, 12:35 am, Field 1  vs. Hudson Valley Express 2021

Sun, 8:55 am, Field 7 vs. Wogue lacrosse

Sun, 10.45 pm, Field 6 vs. North Shore Storm

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July 13, 2017 · 9:23 am



1. Gorilla Classic at U-Mass-Amherst Amherst, MA   Sat June 24th 2017  

Youth Player tournament. You can travel to Amherst, MA or book a hotel room. Parents will need to find hotel accommodations in the Amherst, MA area but we highly recommend you just drive in for the day. Online at… http://www.gorillaclassic.com/

2. Rhode Island Classic The Glen 715 East Main Road Portsmouth, RI 02871 OR Bristol, RI. July 8th and 9th, 2017

Conflicts with High School UMASS Classic Tournament. Local Tournament but you can go online and reserve a hotel room if you do not want to travel both days. Online at… http://www.rilaxclassic.com/event/boys-vineyard-vines-classic/

3. NEYLAT Tournament DEVENS, Mass July15 th and 16th 2017

Conflicts with High School Trilogy Tournament Youth Tournament. Local tournament you can travel to fields both days. Online at… http://neylat.com/boys/

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